British Style Driven Wingshooting

A British inspired driven shooting experience like no other in America.

Schedule Information

Our shoot experiences begin at 8:30am with a light breakfast. Please arrive at Castle Mountain on your scheduled shoot day no later than 9:00am.

Driven Shooting

Driven shooting is tradition in England, Scotland and Ireland.  Physically speaking, it is more formal than simply walking with your dog alongside the hedgerows, and is usually confined to pheasant, partridge and grouse shooting.

On the shoot day, a team of shooters, or Guns, line out at numbered pegs. Meanwhile, under the gamekeeper’s instructions, a group of beaters and their dogs move through areas of woodland or covert, flushing the game ahead of them.

The aim is to get the birds to break cover and fly high over the line of Guns to provide sporting shots. Shot game is retrieved quickly by a picker-up who sends his/her trained gundog to where the shot game falls. Because of the organization and number of people involved in a shoot of this sort, the cost to the Guns is considerably higher than in the other types of shooting.

But the driven shooting lifestyle is much more than hunting as we think of it in America.  Yes, the past time brings people together to spend time outdoors, just as hunting does in the U.S., but it is also a powerful means of land conservation, responsible for preserving vast amounts of beautiful countryside from sprawl.

Shooting at Castle Mountain

Driven pheasant shoots are the inspiration of shoots at Castle Mountain and our farm is designed to offer the thrill of the British style driven shoot and introduce the benefits towards land conservation here in America.  We’re much less concerned with whether folks dress in tweed, khaki or camo, and more focused on ensuring our guests enjoy our unique conservation approach and world class shooting experience.  We strive to remove the commercial feeling experienced at many other shoots and treat you as our private guest.

Castle Mountain Farm, is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, amidst rolling grass hills, thick hedge rows that are reminiscent of the English countryside and established native woodlands.  We are continuously managing our property in an effort to provide the best possible pheasant habitat and conservation management.

The shoot day begins at 8:30 with your group meeting at our farm shop over a light breakfast of coffee, ham, biscuits and pastries as we discuss the driven shooting experience.  Guns are loaded onto our shoot wagon and we work our way down range for a round of driven clays to warmup and get a few pointers on proper technique from our experienced instructors.

Back on the shoot wagon we move to a shooting location appropriate for your specific group and the day’s weather for our first two drives of the day.  Each gun is posted at a “peg” and our expert crew give tips as the birds start to fly high and fast.  Expect high overhead shots with fast flying birds generally 35-50 yards overhead.  Its truly a thrilling experience and as close as you will find to shooting on the best Estates in the United Kingdom.  

After two drives you’re neck, shoulder and pounding heart will probably need a break and we move down to a bow in the river for coffee, tea and a light snack as we toast the morning and get some more shooting tips.

Following the break, we head back to the field for two more challenging drives yet.  The fourth and final drive of the day will leave you breathless as the birds are some of the most challenging shots of any kind, this side of the Atlantic Ocean. 

After the final drive, we take a minute to catch our breath, then head back to the house for a delicious meal, prepared on site by our amazing chef.  We’ll recap the day’s excitement and kindle new friendships.  Cigars are puffed and those that still want to shoot more, may choose to join us for an afternoon “walk up” or “rough shoot” with the dogs, to end the day and settle bets.

Our shoots tend to fill up quickly, so book early to guarantee your spot.  We’re also able setup additional corporate and private group shoots of up to eight people.  Get a group together and come join us for the most authentic British style driven shooting experience in America.

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